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He subsequently taught clinical pathology at Simon Fraser University, and held Medical Research Council grants at the Vancouver General Hospital. Prior to establishing a private practice, he was a Director of Research in the Office of the Deputy Attorney General in British Columbia. He has lectured widely on the medico-legal aspects of alcohol and drug intoxication, and has authored of over thirty-five scientific publications.
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ABOUT THE AUTHOR     Dr. Russell A. Rockerbie

Russell Rockerbie, PhD (Purdue) launched his forensic career when playing a prominent role in the introduction of breath tests for law enforcement in Canada in the 1950ís. He has testified as an expert witness for over 45 years at inquiries and at criminal, civil, and military tribunals, in the USA, Canada, and Europe. He is a retired overseas member of the Association of Forensic Physicians of Great Britain. After post-doctoral training in pathology at the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon, his career path moved to the Pathology Department of the Regina Grey Nuns Hospital where he was engaged in teaching, research, and clinical investigations.
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